Allen Behrer

Huntingdon County
Willow Behrer Farms

Allen is Managing Partner at his family’s 100+ year-old Willow Behrer Farms, LLC in Spruce Creek, PA and a unique joint venture with neighboring Seven Stars Farms, milking 1050 cows in two parlors.  They employ 18 full-time and 4 part-time employees. The joint venture farms 1800 acres of corn, alfalfa/grass hay and soybeans. 

Allen holds a bachelor’s degree in dairy and animal science from Penn State and exemplifies the PDMP mindset, sharing his progressive and innovative dairy practices with PDMP members and program attendees for several years.  Willow Behrer has earned national recognition from the Beef Quality Assurance and the FARM Program and attributes much of the businesses success to their focus on team.  Allen is quick to point out that “dairying is not just a cow business; it’s the people that make it succeed or fail”. And he and wife Casey are building their future workforce now, with a full rotation of Behrers; sons Cade, Camden, Channing and Corbin!