Entry Information For Seed Companies

Seed Companies Are Encouraged to Participate in the 2017 PDMP Corn Silage Hybrid Project

The Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania (PDMP) is accepting entries for the 2017 corn silage hybrid trial.  The collaborative effort of PDMP and The Pennsylvania State University ensures the highest quality, unbiased corn silage hybrid research project specific to dairy operations.

As we do each year, PDMP will present the results of the corn silage hybrid testing in November as part of the PSU Dairy Nutrition Conference. This presentation encourages and allows for open dialogue between the PDMP Corn Silage Committee persons and industry representatives.  We invite you to attend this conference, view the results, and join in on the discussion.  Results are posted at that time on the PDMP web site and used by dairy producers and nutritionists throught the region of the U.S.

*New for 2017:    Hybrid Characterization For All Hybrids

Include 7hr starch via wet chemistry on all hybrids.  For each maturity range, 1 location and the

3 replications for each hybrid will be analyzed.

Download Entry Form Here

The cost for each hybrid entered is $650*.  The maturity groups are listed on the protocol sheet and entry form.  The testing protocol and directions for application are included.  No provision is made for reimbursement of application fees due to dropped test sites or late arriving seed entries. The deadline for submission of forms and entry fees is March 6, 2017.  Seed must be submitted no later than March 20, 2017.  We ask that seed companies complete the entry form as accurately as possible to prevent incorrect information and avoid follow up.

Download Entry Protocol Here 

Contact Tammy Perkins, Project Liaison, at taperkins10@gmail.com or 814-380-1340 with questions.