Environmental Stewardship

Pennsylvania farmers have done much to improve water quality and soil health. Yet many of the conservation practices that farmers have implemented are not accounted for in tracking progress toward priority water quality goals, including cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay. This is especially true where farmers have implemented practices on their own initiative with their own dollars.

Now is the time for farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to set the record straight!

By now, farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed should have received a mailing from the Penn State Survey Research Center inviting you to participate in a very important survey.   PDMP encourages you to complete and return this survey.

This survey will allow farmers in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to report conservation practices implemented on their farms so agriculture can get the credit they deserve for improving water quality rather than the blame for impairment of the bay.

Surveys are Anonymous

It is important to note that participation in this survey is completely voluntary, and all names and locational information about individual farmers and farms will be kept completely confidential.

The results reported by Penn State to DEP will be cumulative by county and will not include individual names or locations.   Names and addresses will be removed from all inventory and farm visit results to prevent identification of participants.

Penn State researchers and the Survey Research Center have extensive experience in implementing these types of data confidentiality protocols, and will ensure these protocols are strictly followed as this survey is administered.

Help us make our case!

Please complete the survey by April 30, and help tell the very positive story about Pennsylvania agriculture’s role in protecting and improving water quality of our streams, rivers and the Chesapeake Bay.

“We need to document that our farms are the solution, not the problem.”

Why we should do this

For too long, Pennsylvania’s farms have been blamed for the majority of the impairments to the Chesapeake Bay.  The only way to demonstrate to the regulatory agencies that we are doing our part to improve its condition is to quantify the action we have taken on our individual farms.  We must help them document our best management practices in order to get them the whole story.

Please complete and return the survey!

By documenting your BMPs, you can help ensure that the whole story is captured.


Have Questions?

Call toll free 1-866-898-4277    src.survey.psu.edu/farmbmp