PDMP Fall Forum (Virtual): Update on PA and Global Dairy Markets, Trends and Movements

Event Date

You are invited to join PDMP members for an informative discussion with industry experts on the micro shifts in milk utilization and availability and what that might mean to PA producers.

For the past year, Dr. Michael Culhane has been commissioned by PDMP to study Pennsylvania's potential for unique processing capacity. On November 11th, Dr. Culhane will share what he's learned along the way about PA's shifting milk utilization and availability, and point to a positive foundational basis moving forward for investment in terms of milk availability and cost.

Matt Gould, is editor at Dairy Food Market Analyst Inc. analyzes the dairy industry. Complimenting our deep dive into PA specific data on the Fall Forum webinar, Matt will share real time developments and critical industry insights, including current global supply hiccups and shifts in New Zealand that might lead to opportunities for U.S. and PA dairy.