Falll Issue Forum

Thursday, November 7th - 2019

What Do Consumers Really Want?

We’re going to ask them!

 November 7th in the Heart of the Philadelphia Suburbs 

  • Are we really losing market share to plant-based drinks?  
  • Are consumers actually turning away from real dairy because of perceived animal welfare practices?   
  • Are millennials checking social media before purchasing your dairy product? 
  • What should we be focusing PA processing on to get dairy consumers back?
  • Have we really lost them?  
  • Who are they; where are they and what do they really want from us?

 Come Find Out at the PDMP Fall Issue Forum on November 7th!

Whether we are talking about bringing more dairy processing to Pennsylvania or the cause of declining milk sales...or even how we operate our individual dairy and plan for its future...we end up asking what do consumers really want?  The dairy industry cannot advance if we don't know where we need go and that map is being charted by the end consumers of our dairy products.  In order to develop a good plan for a prosperous dairy industry, we must first have a good understanding about what consumers really want.

So PDMP is going to bring all the information together in one program...including real consumers...for a comprehensive look at what is driving consumers' purchasing decisions at our Fall Issue Forum on November 7th.  We are intentionally getting you away from where you and your neighbors shop and closer to the more urban/suburban part of our milkshed for an insightful discussion with real consumers about how and why they make their dairy choices, and the food market experts who track their consumption and work daily to attract them.

Network with fellow dairy producers and tour Wegmans with a grocery bag from American Dairy Association North East!

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