Industry Issues

Bringing You Issues Important to the Dairy Operation

PDMP serves as your eyes and ears, staying on top of issues and developments that impact dairy production at the farm. We reduce the noise and filter information through the dairyman’s lens making sure it is pertinent to the dairy operation on the ground. Be it increased I-9 audit activity by federal agents or changes to state regulations of which dairy producers must be advised, PDMP the issues that most directly concern the dairyman to your attention.

Advocacy with a Dairyman's Voice

With increasingly looming issues like animal welfare, anti “factory farming” propaganda, food security and environmental extremism threatening animal agriculture and dairy producers, PDMP believes it is imperative that progressive dairy producers serve as ambassadors of the dairy industry.  PDMP enables the dairy producers and their support industry to form lasting relationships with public policymakers and lawmakers, becoming trusted and credible sources of modern dairy production practices to the public officials who have so much influence on the survival of the dairy business.

We endeavor to increase awareness of dairy producers needs with public officials, policymakers, governmental agencies and educational and research institutions.  PDMP members actively advocate for a business and regulatory environment that supports the future viability of our industry with legislation and regulations based on sound science and common sense.  We will always strongly advocate for the right to use safe, approved technology in dairy production.