PDMP Acts on Milk Labeling

Milk labeling has become an issue for milk producers and consumers as many companies now are using terminology on labels that make it hard for consumers to make informed decisions.

PDMP became involved in addressing the issue of mislabeled or falsely labeled milk in May of 2007 when it joined with the Northeast Dairy Producers Association to send a letter to the Food and Drug Administration communicating the industry's concerns.  To read a copy of that letter click here.

In October of 2007 the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture used their authority of food labeling through the Pennsylvania Food Act and the milk sanitation law to cite 16 companies for false or misleading labels. 

PDMP has supported that action by writing letters to the editors of dairy publications, as well as all Pennsylvania daily and weekly newspapers. Click here to read letter.

A letter was also sent to each member of the PA House of Representatives and Senate discussing the issues involved in milk labeling and commending Secretary Wolff and the PDA for their actions. Click here to read letter.

To read some of the key points concerning milk labeling, click here.