Dairy Industry Groups Issue Joint Statement on rbST

Interest in the industry’s use of rbST and its impact on the milk supply have been an issue. A quick search of the Internet brings up a multitude of references both pro and con on the debate.

With a number of those that supply product to the consumer now making specific demands on their producers with regard to the use of rbST, the PDMP Board of Directors voted on October 25, 2006, to join with the Northeast Dairy Producers Association in issuing a statement to their memberships and dairy media. The statement “calls on the entire supply chain . . . from producers, to cooperatives, to processors, to retailers, to consumers – to work together.”

You will find attached a copy of a letter to the editor that is being issued jointly by PDMP and NEDPA to contacts within the dairy media regarding our position on this issue.

Letter to the Editor

More Information about the rbST Issue.