Supply Management


PDMP is a pro-growth organization.  Our mission is to stimulate profitability for dairy producers through increased production.  The export market is a vast opportunity for growth minded dairy producers, and potentially the future of dairy.  Rather than to limit our production, as market stabilization would do, we want to ensure that dairy producers are free to pursue the opportunity that high demand of our product offers. 

PDMP is in favor of a policy that allows dairy producers the freedom to manage their own production, particularly given the current milk supply and demand factors in Pennsylvania, and the 8-10 billion pound milk deficit in the mid-Atlantic region.  It is important to us that a dairy business is not discouraged or forced to limit production growth in regions where such a deficit exists.

Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania wish to maintain their reputation as a dependable supplier to the global markets and to be allowed to increase production in a region where growth is needed.