PDMP 2023 Fall Forum: All You Need to Know to Apply for New Improvement Implementation Grant

Event Date

Even if you are just thinking about installing or adopting new technology or practices, that might also help reduce the green house gasses coming from your cows and perhaps generate some revenue in the carbon market, then you don't want to miss the PDMP Fall Forum on November 8th, where we'll tell you how to tap a new grant that will actually pay to implement them! 

This is a new grant administered by the Center for Dairy Excellence and dairies with 35 cows or more are eligible to apply for technical support and implementation dollars. Attending the meeting, networking lunch and a unique museum tour are all free to dairy producers.

Join us on November 8th to learn everything you need to know to get your farm on the top of the list for this funding...and check out the museum after lunch for a taste of what is in store to connect consumers to where their food comes from!