Benefits of Membership

PDMP Seeks to Advance the Dairy Industry in Pennsylvania Through Improved Productivity & Profitability

PDMP unifies the industry with a shared vision for a prosperous future. PDMP is recognized as the leading organization for progressive dairy managers and the businesses that serve them. PDMP creates a partnership among dairy leaders and their suppliers, finding common ground to enhance their mutual prosperity.

  • Networking – Members interact with like-minded producers, broaden the scope of their contacts within the industry, and build relationships that are “there” for them when they have a question, want advice, or need direction.
  • Outreach – Membership is not just about what you get from PDMP, it’s about what you have to share that can advance the industry as a whole. PDMP opens doors for everyone to contribute.
  • Partnering – Members benefit from the associations PDMP has built with other industry groups. Through these partnerships, members have opportunities to participate in joint programs at special member rates.

PDMP serves as your eyes and ears, staying on top of the latest developments and production technology. Because we filter out the unnecessary “noise,” you get usable news and information that improves your business today and into the future. Whether you are dealing with productivity issues and advances in technology, or you want information about fellow dairymen and the operating environment, PDMP leads the way.

  • Reports and Updates - Members receive news throughout the year that includes updates on PDMP activities, stories about their fellow members, information about the industry, and articles of educational value.
  • Issues Alert – Members are updated about hot issues as news breaks, with emailed Issues Alerts.
  • Website – Members can find out about important upcoming events, use links to other industry resources, find news to help them do their jobs, and open new opportunities through the website.

PDMP provides cutting-edge educational programs. You get content that you take home and put to work the next day. And you help build the next generation through support of their educational progress.

  • Issues Forums - Members receive a deep discount on registration fees for PDMP's three Issues Forums held each year. The topics give a "meat & potatoes" educational program on issues that affect profitability with speakers who are recognized for their knowledge and expertise.
  • Dairy Summit – Members can take advantage of PDMP’s partnership with the PA Dairy Stakeholders to attend this once-a-year conference that brings together the best of Pennsylvania’s dairy industry. The program compresses dozens of high-quality motivational and “nuts-and-bolts” presentations into a day-and-a-half.
  • Dairy Tour – Members can participate in the annual Dairy Tour sponsored by the Dairy Alliance with support from PDMP.
  • Internships – Members develop the next generation of top dairy producers by working with Penn State to offer internships to students.
  • Scholarships – Members support PDMP scholarships that allow Penn State students to attend a special leadership school, and reward internship experiences.

PDMP has the power to provide services to members that you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Corn Silage – Only PDMP produces the results of our exclusive research program allowing producers to evaluate the yield and forage quality of commercial corn hybrids to determine what is best for their operation according to the unique characteristics important to the objectives of their particular farm operation.